All Of Those Present Were In Agreement With The Proposal

→ all those present accepted the proposal. This is how CIMCIM`s first board of directors was born. Unfortunately, it didn`t always work as well. The reasons that would be the cause would require an article, at least as long as the current section is, and I have already exceeded the limits imposed on me. I wish there was enough time to do something about it. The following organizations and their representatives participated in this second conference (Annex I): the main political decision-making body of the new journal should be the Board of Directors, composed of high-level astronomers or representatives of the governments of the producing countries. Normally, it would meet once a year to discuss the publisher`s annual report and the status of the journal. It would also select the drafting and approve the editorial appointments. Each country was responsible for the appointment of its members. New sponsorship countries would mean an extension of the board of directors.

Most of those present felt that only one editor appointed for 5 years was optimal. However, in the initial phase of the review, two editors of different nationalities were proposed to ensure that no country would dominate the journal. 2. This post office is equipped with advanced transaction technology. The participants in the meeting were next to Steinberg and me: Reiz (Scan.), van Bueren (NL), Ledoux (Belg.), Schatzman (F), Maziére (F), Oort (NL) and Biermann (G). Velghe (Belg.), Swings (Belg.) and Funke (Scan.) wrote that they were sympathetic to the plans, but that they could not come. In addition, Funke wrote that the Swedish Research Council was interested in promoting the journal. ESO representatives Heckmann and Blaauw were not in Europe, but said ESO wanted to support the review. The minutes of the meeting were taken by Ms. Ondei, Oort`s secretary. The coordinating secretary, Abel Macedo of FENPROF, reported on the organizations that were part of the permanent secretariat of the CPLP-SE and proposed that the organizations FENPROF and FNE of Portugal and CONTEE of Brazil join the permanent secretariat. Abrao Borges, of THE Cape Verde FECAP, proposed his organisation for the permanent secretariat.

Mr Miguel d`Assunéo, of SINPRESTEP, Séo Tomé and Principe, confirmed the proposal of his colleague fecap and the proposal of the coordinator of the secretary. Mr. José Laurindo, of FTECDCSA in Angola, said that it was not convenient for his organization to be proposed to the permanent secretariat, given that he had just been admitted to the CPLP-SE and that the other Angolan trade union organization was not present. Abrao Borges and Vené Mendes, or Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau, understood that the ONP/SNPM, from Mozambique, should be in the permanent secretariat of the CPLP-SE, as it will be the host country of the trade union seminar “Repensar Education and Trade Union Associations in Portuguese Spaces” and the Mozambican Ministry of Education has already recognised the importance of the training project and has already abandoned the training project. 5. If you are not satisfied with our service, please write to the manager, From the discussion of the business plan, some suggestions from some of the organizations present have been highlighted: 5. This question cannot receive a satisfactory answer. With regard to points four and five, the Coordinating Secretary relied on the cooperation of the training adviser/manager, Alfredo Soares, as the Union`s training project “Rethinking Education and Trade Unions in the Union Regions” was presented on these points.

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