Contractor Subcontractor Agreement Template

Travel. Travel is not expected in any series of tasks. If a trip is required, all Prime trips must be approved in advance. Premium does not reimburse the subcontractor for travel-related expenses that have not been approved in writing by Prime. When a trip is authorized by Prime, Prime reimburses the subcontractor, on a cost basis, without surcharge or processing costs, reasonable and justified costs necessarily incurred by the subcontractor in carrying out the work in the course of a mission. Travel hours are non-refundable and are not charged unless Prime has expressly authorized something else. Billing instructions. The subcontractor sends its own invoice for each contract, in accordance with the instructions of the corresponding mission order. The subcontractor agreement model contains a section on the definition of payments received by the subcontractor. Payments are based on the amount of work.

If more time is required to complete the work, the contract contains information about the additional payment. Weekly, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment information will be included in this section of the contract form. For more details, see: Independent contractor. Nothing included in this agreement can create an employer-worker relationship, a captain`s and servant`s relationship, or a principal and agent relationship between the subcontractors and/or a subcontractor (s) and Prime. Prime and subcontractors agree that subcontractors are independent subcontractors and remain an independent subcontractor at all times during this contract. The subcontractor is responsible at all times for all employees, enforcement assistants and subcontractors of the subcontractor, is responsible for all applicable taxes or insurance and complies with applicable public laws or regulations. Payment terms. Premium pays the subcontractor within days of receiving a valid invoice approved by Prime. Work. Premium compensates the subcontractor in accordance with the current mission.

All the work is paid at the hourly rates indicated in the order of the tasks, regardless of the number of hours per week actually carried out by the subcontractor. Unless Prime has agreed otherwise, the contractor is solely responsible for the payment of overtime pay to its staff and will not seek such compensation from Prime. At the time of the implementation of this agreement, the subcontractor certifies that the rates charged by the subcontractor do not exceed the lowest rate charged to others for services of the same nature to be provided under this agreement. Make sure you are doing things right if you are the leading outsourcing service provider or if you are a subcontractor using this legally binding subcontract.

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