Grubhub Service Agreement

“It is unfortunate that Yum has taken this step and we deeply regret the situation in which Yum franchisees are facing millions of dollars that are now under threat, especially in the midst of this challenging environment,” the statement said. “We are pleased to work with Yum to resolve our contractual dispute, but we intend to ensure that Grubhub and its stakeholders are protected from Yum`s breach of the exclusivity clauses of the agreement.” You accept that any claim, dispute or disagreement that may result from the interpretation or execution of this Contract or payments by or to Grubhub, or that are in any way related to your use of the platform, materials: services and/or other content on the platform or any other dispute with Grubhub are subject exclusively to a binding arbitration procedure, except that each party retains the right to bring an individual action before a low-importance court within the jurisdiction of that court and the right to seek fair or fair remedies before a competent court for the violation, embezzlement or infringement of copyright, patents or other intellectual property rights. Arbitration means that it is an arbitrator and not a judge or jury who will decide the application. The right to information and appeal procedures authorized to be heard may also be restricted in the arbitration process. You acknowledge and consent that you and Grubhub each waive the right to a jury trial. You also acknowledge and agree to waive your right to participate, as a plaintiff or class member, to an alleged class action or representative proceeding. Moreover, unless the arbitrator and Grubhub otherwise agree in writing, the arbitrator cannot consolidate more than a person`s rights and cannot, moreover, preside over another form of class or representation procedure. If this waiver of class actions is declared unenforceable, the entire “Dispute Settlement” section is considered invalid. Unless provided in the sentence above, this “Dispute Settlement” section will survive any termination of these terms of use.

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