Mcps Negotiated Agreement

When the Montgomery County Public School Department of Education met Thursday afternoon, teachers expressed concern about the failure of collective bargaining while “talking.” MCEA, MCPS Select Mediator Last week, MCEA and MCPS, Joshua M. Javits, Esq, agreed on this point. as a mediator to end our current impasse in contract negotiations. We are now working on the schedules on which we can do this work and we hope to be able to start shortly. How does the mediation process work to bring the parties to an agreement,… First day of mediation Yesterday, the MCEA Contract Bargaining Team spent 14 hours in formal mediation to agree with MCPS on a two-year contract. The process began with a clarification of the issues and interests of both the union and management. At the end of the evening, the parties still have considerable differences… The Montgomery County Education Association, the county`s teachers` union – and the school board, despite months of discussions and a month-long extension, failed to agree on a new contract, so the Maryland Public School Relations Board intervened to act as mediator. What is the impasse? The impasse is a formal process for resolving negotiations if employers and unions fail to reach an agreement. Public School Labor Relations Board (PSLRB) Impasse Procedure Graphic Why Are We Here in the Process? Over the past nine months, including a 31-day contract extension, we have negotiated with MCPS to make improvements…

Yesterday, we presented to MCPS our latest counter-proposal to try to secure interim agreements (TAs) on all the issues that remain on the negotiating table. Here are some of the strengths of our counter-proposal. See the document here: Planning time: We have proposed a way to implement changes over time, to give more educational autonomy in the way we… At its meeting on Thursday, the school board voted unanimously to continue its current contract with the teachers` union, minus the pay increases, until a new agreement is reached or until the end of September, depending on what happens first.

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