Standard Lease Agreement Pei

You cannot be evacuated simply because your fixed-term contract has expired. This only applies if you and your landlord agree at the beginning that the lease expires on the end date. Otherwise, your landlord must have a good reason to dislodge you. All fixed-term leases must have a fixed term with a predetermined expiry date. Whether orally or in writing, month to month and week to week, leases are allowed. A signed lease is not absolutely necessary, but it is highly recommended. An oral agreement between the tenant and the landlord is always final. In the event that a written tenancy agreement is used, the lessor must provide a full copy of the contract to the tenant within 21 days of the conclusion of the contract. If the lessor does not provide a copy of this contract to the tenant, the tenant is not required to comply with the conditions mentioned in the tenancy agreement that go beyond those mentioned in the law, unless the lessor provides the tenant with a copy of the tenancy agreement. Yes, yes. If a tenant breaks the lease by having a pet or smoking in the rented apartment, they could terminate the lease. If a fixed-term lease exists and is not terminated by the lessor or tenant, it automatically becomes a monthly lease after the expiry date.

If the fixed-term tenancy agreement contains a possibility of renewal and the tenant does not extend the limited term, the lessor has the right to serve the tenant with a termination. The Rental Housing Act, its provisions and the standard form of the tenancy agreement apply, even if you do not sign a written rental agreement. The standard agreement contains conditions that you and your landlord must respect. Your rental agreement cannot legally contain conditions contrary to the law. At the beginning of your fixed-term contract, your landlord must clearly inform you if they want you to move to the end date.

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