This Agreement Is Conditional Upon

This contract is conditional on the buyer advising the seller, within seven (7) days after the conclusion of this contract, that the buyer be satisfied with the results of a search he has carried out of his solicitor of the Body Corporate Records. Notes: Should always put these in clause if in case of doubt and condo built between 1995 and 2007 example (triggering events). An example of this is the following clause of a trust agreement in which the fiduciary intermediary can apply clear and strict criteria: the seller undertakes to provide the buyer, within five (5) working days after the acceptance of this offer, an existing investigation at the expense of that property. This investigation must be sufficient to arrange the financing of the buyer. The seller assures and assures the buyer that during the period during which the seller owns the property, the seller has not installed in any building on the Kitec sanitary grounds, for kitec sanitary or Kitec sanitary systems (“Kitec”) and that no building on the land contains or has never included kitec on the land. This representation and guarantee applies even after the conclusion of the above transaction and are not merged, and if the building is part of an apartment building, this guarantee applies only to the part of the building that is the subject of this transaction. The seller assures and guarantees, to the best of his knowledge and the seller`s conviction, that the property was rented during the life of the seller`s property in accordance with the landlord and tenant`s laws and that any rent increases were made in accordance with the relevant rental price laws. The parties agree that this insurance and guarantee will remain after the transaction is completed and that they will not merge, but will only apply to circumstances that arise after the closing of the transaction. ADVERTISING: In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (PIPEDA), after compliance, removal of all conditions and conclusion of this transaction of the attached agreement, all parties to this transaction agree to the publication and distribution of the sale/lease price of this property. The listing broker and broker co-operator have the right to promote and discuss the sale price with other brokers and the public in promoting and conducting their business. Such shares do not contain any mention of the names of the seller or buyer.

The parties to this agreement acknowledge that the “real estate broker” of this agreement has recommended that the contracting parties seek independent independent advice prior to the signing of this document. The contracting parties also recognize that no information provided by these real estate agents should be construed as legal, fiscal or environmental advice.

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