Us Vietnam Trade Agreement

For the purposes of this chapter, Appendix H, the letters exchanged concerning the investment licensing regime and, with respect to a covered investment, Articles 1 and 4 of Chapter VII: 1. “Investment,” any form of investment in the territory of a party, either directly or indirectly controlled by a party or controlled by nationals or companies of the other party. , and includes investments in the form of:a. a business or business; for example, shares, shares and other forms of participation, as well as debt, debt and other forms of debt held in a company; C. contractual rights, including turnkey construction or management contracts. B, production or division contracts, concessions or similar contracts; D. physical property, including real estate, and intangible property, including rights such as leases, mortgages, mortgages and pledges; E. Intellectual property, including copyrights and neighbouring rights, trademarks, patents, integrated circuit topographies, satellite encrypted signals, confidential information (business secrets), commercial designs and plant variety rights; legal rights, such as licences and authorizations; 2) “business”: any entity incorporated or organized under existing legislation, whether or not for profit, private or controlled, and which includes a capital corporation, trust, partnership, individual business, branch, joint venture, association or other organization; 3) “a partnership of a party,” a corporation incorporated or incorporated in accordance with the laws of that contracting party; 4) “covered investment,” an investment by a national or company of a contracting party in the territory of the other contracting party; 5) “public enterprise,” a company owned by a contracting party or controlled by equity interests in the property; 6) “investment authorization,” an authorization issued by the foreign investment authority of a contracting party for an investment covered or by a national or company of the other party; 7) “investment agreement”, an agreement written between the national authorities of a contracting party and a covered investment or a national company or other party that: (i) grants rights to natural resources or other assets controlled by national authorities, and (ii) the investment on which a state or national company is based for the creation or acquisition of a covered investment; 8) “UNCLOSE arbitration regulation”: the arbitration rules of the Un Commission on International Trade Law; 9) a “national of a contracting party,” a natural person who, according to its applicable legislation, is a national of a contracting party; 10) an “investment dispute”, a dispute between a party and a national or a company of the other party, resulting from an investment authorization, investment agreement or an alleged violation of a right conferred, created or recognized in this chapter, in Appendix H, to the letters exchanged concerning the investment licensing regime and Articles 1 and 4 of Chapter VII concerning an covered investment; 11.

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