Dft Framework Agreement

This document replaces the Rail Network Framework Agreement published in September 2014. Hans Peter Lang, Managing Director of DB Systemtechnik, said: “This framework contract is an excellent opportunity to showcase this bundled technical expertise to one of Europe`s most interesting markets and exit our business outside of Germany.” The Authority shall endeavour to establish a framework for operators of ships, trains or aircraft intended to be used for the provision of freight transport capacity (lorry, lorry, lorry, lorry and other equivalent vehicles) or wheeled trailers or semi-trailers transporting intact between the United Kingdom and the EEA and/or between Great Britain (`NI`) and Northern Ireland (`NI`). Operators are also required to provide all necessary measures, ancillary costs and services to facilitate the transport of goods vehicles (including, but not limited to, ticketing services, marketing, operation, etc.) in order to achieve the strategic objective of supporting the continuous flow of Category 1 goods in the event of a disruption. Category 1 goods are goods deemed critical by the government for the preservation of human and animal welfare and/or national security. Note that goods that fall within the scope or that have been identified as Category 1 may be checked from time to time by the Government. If more than 25 bidders are ranked in the top 25 because multiple bidders get the same consolidated score, they all secure a place in the framework. Pino de Rosa, Managing Director of Bridgeway Consulting, said: “Bridgeway Consulting is pleased to be working on the DfT STAR framework in partnership with EDB SG.

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