Ditidaht Pacheedaht Agreement In Principle

A number of amendments described in the agreement-in-principle will also be negotiated in the final phase of the negotiations. These include: at its current stage, the treaty provides for nearly $20 in capital transfers to Pacheedaht and nearly $40 million to Ditidaht to be paid during the implementation of the agreement, as well as funds corresponding to economic development of $1.8 million and $3 million. Pacheedaht has about 280 members, while Ditidaht has 770. Parts of the 75-kilometre-long West Coast Trail and Pacific Rim National Park Reserve are included in the proposed country, cash and self-management agreement, signed Friday at a ceremony in Victoria. The AIP will prepare the necessary conditions for the negotiation of our final contract. It contains sections on our contract settlement areas, which are lands that Ditidaht owns and will govern, governance, harvesting, cultivation, environmental protection, federal parks, taxes, financing, forestry relations with the three levels of Canadian government (federal, provincial and local) and other topics. We will also negotiate implementation and associated funding. It does not contain details about our fishing rights, our water or provincial parks, all negotiated at the final agreement stage. In addition, we have negotiated framework agreements that give Ditidaht a much broader say in decisions made on land in front of STL, but within our traditional territory. The proposed contract country includes our nation`s existing reserves as well as the territories that will be transferred by Crown Land and Pacific Rim Park National Reserve. Once we reach our final agreement, we will own 751 hectares of our current reserve country, nearly 4,000 hectares of pristine land and 1,453 hectares of national parks on southeastern Vancouver Island. The agreement involves in principle the return of some West Coast Trail countries, considered one of the best hiking trails in the world, and Parks Canada and First Nations have agreed to preserve the trail running experience.

Pacheedaht First Nation: pacheedahtfirstnation.com/ VICTORIA – A popular backcountback trail in British Columbia, known for discerning hikers, is expected to be part of a treaty in principle between the federal and provincial governments and two Vancouver Island First Nations. People gather to participate on Friday, June 28, 2019, in an agreement in principle between the federal and provincial governments and two Vancouver Island First Nations. . . .

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