Economic Agreement Kosovo Serbia

The representative of Vietnam, along with other speakers, welcomed the resumption of talks between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as the recent agreement on the normalization of economic relations. However, he deplored the persistent lack of implementation on the ground and called on both sides to take confidence-building measures to achieve a lasting negotiated solution. The United States welcomes Serbian President Vucic and Prime Minister Kosovar Hoti for the historic agreements they reached today at the White House that encompass a wide range of economic normalization issues. Their courageous and proactive leadership brings not only growth and jobs to its citizens, but also a new tone of reconciliation in the search for progress for the Western Balkans. Today`s agreements open up new opportunities for broader cooperation. The United States reaffirms its support for the ongoing negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia for a comprehensive normalization of relations. With regard to the above points, it is clear that what was signed on 4 September in the Oval Office is not a bilateral agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, but a mutual commitment on their part to serve Trump`s re-election in the November us presidential elections in the United States, as well as a commitment on their part to align with the foreign policy objectives of the United States. Indeed, after the glittering signing ceremony, Trump tweeted in the Oval Office: “Another great day for peace with the Middle East – Kosovo and Muslim-majority Israel have agreed to normalize relations and establish diplomatic relations. Well done! Other Islamic and Arab nations will follow soon! Not only is this tweet bordering on ridiculous, but it has also angered the socialist opposition party Vete-Vendosja and other Islamophobic groups in Kosovo, who quickly denounced the fact that Kosovo was not an Islamic or Arab nation, but a strictly European and secular nation. The representative of the Russian Federation, the President of the Council for October, said in his national function that Pristina was still sabotaging the constitution of the community of Serb communities in Kosovo.

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