Florida Attorney Fee Agreement

There are different types of lawyers` fees. As mentioned above, when considering a lawyer`s fees, a client should realize that many factors, such as time, capacity, and experience, can determine a lawyer`s fees. Let`s take the example that the business advisor and external consultant of a buying company spent thousands of hours on due diligence and production of acquisition documents, just so that the buyer`s CFO received an anonymous text message, three days before the closing of a $25 million transaction, which said: “[Seller] hid $1 million, Do you want to see the checks?” Imagine a follow-up text the next day, which read, “Ask [Mr. Brown] for cheque numbers [1001], [1002] and [1003].” In this scenario, the attorney`s and accounting fees incurred by due diligence may be the only damages suffered by the seller. Sometimes the lawyer you have mandated will hire a lawyer at another firm to help with the case. You must accept the recruitment of this other lawyer. If this occurs in a case of bodily injury or property damage that awaits unlawful conduct, this agreement must be in writing and the lead counsel responsible for your case is entitled to at least 75 percent of the fees and the attorney with secondary liability is entitled to a maximum of 25 percent of the fees. If the lawyers of the different law firms have participated in the same way in this type of case, they must go to court to determine how the fee will be distributed. The distribution of fees between law firms should not affect the amount of money you receive. If, in a case where you are charged an hourly fee, another law firm is charged, the fees may be allocated one of two types: the fees may be allocated on the basis of the work done by each lawyer or law firm, or you and the lawyers may agree in writing on how the fees will be allocated. The purpose of this article is to give a general overview of Florida`s law on attorneys` fees and attorneys` fee multipliers. The scope of this topic is such that it is not possible to carry out a complete review of all aspects of attorneys` fees in this article.

Treatises in several volumes have been drafted on this subject. However, some relevant areas of the law are discussed below, in which attorney fees are available. The contractor has not completed the project….

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