Royal Bank Account Agreement

Changing your delivery preference: Unlike your RBC High Interest eSavings®, RBC U.S. High Interest eSavings® and NOMI Find -Save® You can request information about any of your accounts at any time on paper and electronically in digital banking or by phone at 1-800-769-2511. If you subsequently re-enter your preferred delivery to only one of your accounts, this consent will apply again. Compensation: In addition to Part 3 compensation – Digital Banking and other services, you agree to compensate us and any RBC business for any claims, damages, damages, expenses and costs (including, but not limited, reasonable legal fees) that have been or are not limited by your use of an aggregation service, your violation of these conditions, your infringement or infringement of intellectual property or other rights of other parties. Online Banking refers to our online banking service. “aggregation information,” the type of account, account number and balance and transaction information of an aggregated account. “information”: monthly or periodic statements, returns, communications (including changes to your or account agreements) and changes in fees or interest rates; certificates, certificates, tax documents (including T3/R16, T4/R2, T5/R3, RRSP contribution note), terms and conditions, prospectus or other offer file, account opening requests, agreements and changes applicable to your accounts, or any other information we may provide to you under the law (banking, securities, taxes, insurance, etc.). “Third-party account aggregation service” refers to an account aggregation service that collects, consolidates, organizes and presents your accounts only for the purpose of being able to view your accounts with the aggregator in one place. Interim credit: images are only provisionally credited to deposit accounts and provisional credits can be modified and refunded in accordance with the deposit account.

We may debit or credit the deposit account or any of your other accounts with us, as far as we think is necessary for this purpose.

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