Vanderbilt Data Use Agreement

RedCap was developed by an IT team at Vanderbilt University with the continued support of NCRR and NIH grants[3] and was first published in 2004. [4] REDCap was designed to address common problems for academic biomedicine researchers wishing to use electronic databases. First, EDC and CDM solutions from large vendors [Buzzword] are targeted and expensive for large clinical trials and can be prohibitively expensive for clinician-initiated studies or other such studies. [5] Second, the independent research environment often lacks the computing and other multidisciplinary supports needed for effective integration of information technology into research protocols. [6] The REDCap software, as distributed through the REDCap consortium, attempts to facilitate computational support to clinical researchers and promote a collaborative network of institutional researchers who share and support REDCap as a common research tool. [1] Vanderbilt distributes REDCap software to unionized institutional partners who, in turn, allow research teams to access REDCap. The design of the REDCap project has a planned workflow, which has been sketched out by the developers. [1] Upon request, the computer core gives the research team a demonstration of REDCap, highlighting the most relevant functions of the user interface. Researchers then populate a Microsoft Excel table file with important metadata (for example.B. field name, data type, data space, etc.) for each measure in their CRF. The computer core converts this table template into study-specific database tables linked to a web-based EDC forms and application environment.

The researchers then test this prototype web application by filling in dummy data, and the metadata table is reviewed and refined in an iterative process. Once the design of the REDCap project is complete, the application is provided from the development mode to the production mode, all dummy data is lost, and researchers begin to support the actual patient data. 26 Coronary heart disease Generalized disease of the African American population BioVU Number of high blood pressure 1095 Type 2 diabetes 714 Coronary artery disease 273 Kidney disease 252 Asthma 210 Pneumonia 193 stroke 133 lupus 48 Lung cancer 21 genotypic data on 1786 subjects AA A Data Use Agreement (DUA) is a contractual document used, to regulate the transfer and use of non-public data or data, which are otherwise subject to restrictions on their use. An example of non-public or restricted data may contain data from individuals from a clinical trial or a limited set of data according to the HIPC. . . .

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