Website Content License Agreement

“Site” – the “Lens Distortion” site is 2. use content in posters (printed on paper, canvas or other media) or other objects for resale, licensing or other items, including the use or display of content on websites or other places for sale, licensing or other distribution of “on demand” products, including postcards , mugs, t-shirts, posters, electronic models and other items to ensure, expel or evict them; and install and use content in multiple locations at the same time or post a copy of the content to a network server or web server to be used by other users. To the extent expressly authorized by Section 2, the User-Member has no right to otherwise sell or disseminate content or copies to third parties, whether sold or disseminated in one way or another, whether sold or disseminated in one way or another, alone or in connection with or in relation to an object or other author`s work. , in all known media or formats now or at a later date. The user member does not have the right to grant other sublicensings. Without limiting the above restrictions, the user member recognizes, accepts and guarantees that he will not: At the end of this section 6, you will cease any subsequent use of relevant digital content. At the request of Lens Distortions, you confirm in writing that you no longer use previously licensed digital content, with the exception of published and finalized projects that may be used under this Agreement under the terms of this Agreement. Digital content cannot be used in any project that (a) promotes or indicates types of hateful hate harassment (. (b) for example, racial, political, ethnic, ethnic, religious, gender, sexual or personal, etc.) or (b) pornographic material, sexually explicit material containing minors or other x-rated adult content. This content license agreement, including the transaction summary (defined below) (together the “contract”), defines the terms between you as a licensee (“you” or “taker”) and Starling Explainers (“SE”) as a licensee. You must sign to indicate acceptance of this agreement before acquiring a content license (defined below) and such acceptance is a binding agreement between you and the SE.

1. the use of content in design model applications for resale, online or not, including, but not limited, to website templates, flash models, business card templates, electronic greeting card templates and brochure templates; (a) The content of the website is under-licensed by THE PICTURE PANTRY by individual photographers who contribute to the pantry image (the “artist`s members”). The content is the property of these members. When loading content, artist members authorize THE PICTURE PANTRY to license users to use their content under the terms of this Agreement. Unless the user member allows the image available with the largest size (and therefore an extended license), the user member must not do anything about the content that is not expressly allowed in the previous paragraphs. For better security, the user member should not know: you can`t store digital content anywhere where third parties who haven`t bought a license are accessible. Group purchases in which multiple parties pool funds to purchase licenses for products are expressly prohibited and your license goes out. It`s important! Video co-pilot software (“software”) and all video co-pilot content (as defined in section 3.B. below) that you wish to download from the video co-pilot site, (or tracking site) are only granted to you if you accept the terms below (the “contract”).

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