What Is Hague Agreement

Some administrative reforms are specifically aimed at removing ambiguities in key legal documents and facilitating access to them. This reform also includes the clarification of the information contained in the Industrial Designs Register – namely the date of registration, the date of filing of the application, the details of any priority application, the registration number and the name and address of the registered holder. The agreement was reached in the Dutch city of The Hague. The Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption (Convention) is an international convention for the protection of intercountry adoptions. The Convention, concluded in The Hague (Netherlands) on 29 May 1993, defines international standards for the practice of intercountry adoptions. The United States signed the Convention in 1994 and the Convention entered into force for the United States on 1 April 2008. Read the full text of the Convention. The following notes provide an overview of how Vietnam is implementing the agreement and is based on the country`s instrument of accession and related declarations, as well as information recently exchanged at a workshop of the Vietnamese Intellectual Property Office and discussions with officials of the Patent Office. The International Bureau of WIPO shall send to the Intellectual Property Office a copy of the international registration together with any relevant declaration, document or design accompanying the international application in accordance with Article 10(5)(a). (i) The design does not meet the definition of a design; Partial projects can therefore be challenged. Vietnam made the declaration referred to in Article 13(1) of the 1999 Act that, under the law of Vietnam, only a separate and distinct design may be invoked in a single international application, with the exception that: a statement of grant of protection may be considered a notice of revocation of refusal; whether such a communication has been sent; in accordance with Rule 18a(2).

An international design registration may be obtained only by a natural or legal person who is associated with a Party to one of the two laws by establishment, domicile, nationality or, in accordance with the 1999 Act, by habitual residence. Topics: Designs – General , Designs – International , Adoption and Custody Certificates for Intellectual Property Protection: Each child adopted from a convention country receives a Hague Adoption Certificate or a Hague Custody Certificate from the U.S. Embassy or Consulate from the child`s immigrant visa. The certificate is issued by a U.S. consular officer after determining that the adoption (or granting of custody) met the requirements of the Convention and the U.S. Intercountry Adoption Act. In the case of conventional adoptions, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) determines whether a child appears eligible to immigrate to the United States as a convention adoptee prior to final adoption or custody in the child`s country. A U.S.

consular official also determines whether the child appears to meet the visa eligibility criteria before adoption is completed (or custody is granted) in the country of origin. This allows prospective adoptive parents to know in advance if the child appears to be eligible to enter the United States. On our country information pages you will find specific information on adoption procedures in the different countries of the Convention. .

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