Wto Investment Facilitation Agreement

[6] See Martins, J. H. V. (2017). Brazil`s Investment Cooperation and Facilitation Agreement (ACIA) and recent developments. Investment Treaty News, 8(2), 10–12. Extract from www.iisd.org/itn/2017/06/12/brazils-cooperation-facilitation-investment-agreements-cfia-recent-developments-jose-henrique-vieira-martins; Bernasconi-Osterwalder, N., & Brauch, M. D. (2015). Brazil`s innovative approach to international investment law. Geneva: IISD. For www.iisd.org/blog/brazils-innovative-approach-international-investment-law These efforts led to the adoption of a Joint Ministerial Declaration on Investment Facilitation for Development at the 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires in late 2017, where 70 members announced the start of “structured talks to develop a multilateral framework for investment facilitation”. In response to concerns of some members about the attempt to develop multilateral rules to liberalize and protect investment, the group clarified that this work would exclude market access, investment protection and ISDS.

[10] Caribbean countries have undertaken varying degrees of reforms at the national and regional levels to improve their business environment and the functioning of their investment promotion agencies (APIs). The ultimate objective of these reform initiatives is to attract foreign direct investment that promotes economic growth and development, foreign exchange inflows, job creation and access to markets, skills, know-how and technology. “The discussions in recent months have allowed us to make significant progress on the substance, which has allowed us to better understand the positions of members on the various issues, including in a number of cases on a possible concrete language,” said Ambassador Francke. “Our objective for this crucial new phase of structured discussions is clear: to make as much progress as possible in the elaboration of the specific provisions of the future multilateral framework for the facilitation of investment for development, with the aim of making significant progress towards the end of the year, taking into account our overall objective of achieving a concrete result at MC12, he added. The main aim of the structured discussions is to identify a number of issues and elements in the areas listed in the Joint Statement, namely “the transparency and predictability of investment measures; streamlining and speeding up administrative procedures and requirements; and improving international cooperation, exchange of information, exchange of good practices and relations with relevant stakeholders, including conflict prevention. 7 Proponents of investment facilitation at the WTO seem to view the success of the Trade Facilitation Negotiations (TFA) as evidence that World Trade Organization members can and should draw on it in negotiations on some “emerging issues” – even if the TFA context may not be true. The TFA is the only full-fledged multilateral agreement adopted since the creation of the WTO, although it has also required about a decade of negotiations. [17] The Joint Initiative on Investment Facilitation for Development is Member-oriented, transparent, inclusive and open to all WTO Members. It was launched at the 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires in December 2017, where proponents issued a Joint Ministerial Declaration on Investment Facilitation for Development, followed by a second Joint Declaration on Investment Facilitation for Development on 22 November 2019. [20] Custom, M.D. (2017, December).

A risky tango? Investment Facilitation and WTO Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires. Geneva: IISD. For www.iisd.org/library/risky-tango-investment-facilitation-and-wto-ministerial-conference-buenos-aires We describe how the debate on investment facilitation in the WTO has evolved, from the beginnings of investment as the so-called “Singapore issue” to the 11th Ministerial Conference in Buenos Aires in December 2017 and the structured discussions that have developed since then. .

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